Fathers Day

There are three men in my life. My husband, my son and my father. These are three very, very tall and strong men. As I have watched over the years I have realized that their powerful statures are dwarfed by their immense hearts. Loving their children is in every fiber of their being. Father’s Day is a brief period in time when attention is paid with barbecues and greeting cards. This seems a rather bland salute to the men they are. These magnificent men in my life are deserving of much more than I or their children feel capable of providing. How do we capture the appreciation we feel in a gesture? How do we explain to them that, yes, we are keenly aware of the sacrifices they have made? How do we confess that they were not always successful in disguising the fatigue in their eyes as they were determined to be present completely for every ballgame, program and recital? How do we thank them for enduring those,who tried to dismiss their endeavors time and again, in order to provide for their families. The truth is we may never be able to adequately thank them. All I can do is love my husband with an intensity of gratitude and respect every day of my life. All I can do is take every opportunity available to me to let my son know that his magnificence as a father is the greatest gift of my life. All I can do is remind myself that I did everything in my power to show my Daddy how much he was loved before he left this earth. All I can do is thank God every day for giving me these three most wonderful men. All I can do is love them completely every day because…


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