My Lovely Charleston


The morning frost has returned for many of us. It may not be quite ready to be a daily visitor, but we are aware of it’s close proximity. As I compiled photos for my next post, I imagined I wasn’t alone in discovering my mind was wandering from summer supper outside to warm soups by the fire inside. Mother Nature is constant with her seasons, yet unpredictable with her time table. Mother Nature will also make her power known. Such has been the case this past weekend with the unrelenting rains and floods in South Carolina. My heart hurts for those who are having to deal with the trauma of having to evacuate their homes, uncertain of what they will return to. Those of you who read this site are aware of my love for Charleston. This lovely city has withstood war, hurricane and flood. This treasure of the South will recover and move forward as it always has. The glorious gardens will have to be given time and patience to revive. Many of the precious homes and shops will require strength and stamina to find their way back. The dear ones of Charleston are a strong lot who adore their beloved city as they do their families. As with all families, they will gather together, weather the storm and stand strong once again.

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